5/5 Stars- Jereme Grzybowski- Operations Systems Director- SEIU Local 503, OPEU

SOS Canvasser is how the data revolution is won! We were able to deploy and have half our organization up and running in six weeks. A year in, we’re running more effective campaigns, increasing our membership numbers, and setting records with turn-out and participation. This is all due to real time data, easy customization, detailed reporting analytics and streamlined workflow between departments. We purchased SOS Canvasser as a field database solution, but are now seeing the true potential of working within Salesforce thanks to SOS.

5/5 Stars- Jamie Watkins – John and Natalie ROCK!

We have been working with John and Natalie and for a while now. These two have a way of making something so foreign to so many, so easy to understand and work through. It seems like no matter how crazy the requests, they have an answer or a path already mapped to fulfill such requests. If they cannot make your vision work they will explain why and come up with an even better option. I have learned so much about Salesforce and it’s capabilities from John and Natalie!! Thank you two so much for helping to get us organized so we can continue to organize!!

5/5 Stars- Ted Perez

We were anxious but a little worried about transitioning to Canvasser, but John (Canvasser SOS Developer) really took care of us. He was crucial for us during the data transfer process, & he continues to be instrumental in providing valuable support with our usage of Canvasser. We have come a long way in a short amount of time from our introduction to Canvasser, & a primary reason for that was John’s guidance during our shift. ####Now, I cannot imagine completing our work without Canvasser, all thanks to John. Canvasser is such a massive improvement & a significant leap forward vs our previous data management software. Cheers to John!

5/5 Stars- Maro  Sevastopoulos

Canvasser SOS has all the functionality and flexibility that we’ve been looking for, and John and his team have been very responsive to our needs and asks. It’s really a relief to have a direct connection, on top of a platform that is so well-used and discussed online. We finally have the support we need to do data right!

5/5 Stars- Leon Richard

Canvasser SOS and John have been amazing handling my organization’s campaign data needs.

5/5 Stars- Shelley Goodman – Smooth Operating System
I was a bit intimidated when we were told there would be a change on how we entered our daily data. Being not as techy as some, I was unsure how I would like this change. I love it! It was very simple to use and even cut down on the amount of time spent inputting data. The dashboard feature makes it easy to see progress and to know where you are in a campaign at a glance! The fact that your work is immediate and there is no syncing needed is a plus with SOS. I am anxious to learn how to route packets and look forward to using this system for many years. I think SOS could stand for Smooth Operating System because I was able to transition over to it smoothly without a lot of headaches! Thank you John!

5/5 Stars- Jeff Shiflett – Canvasser SOS is the best Organizing Database that I have ever used!
I can’t say enough about Canvasser SOS. It is so easy to learn for Admin’s and User’s. The support of the product is outstanding. The ability to create custom fields on the fly and to have them accessible on the mobile app right away is awesome. No more waiting for a new version to be approved by the Play Store and App Store. Having live data in the field is another great thing. No more syncing your data at the end of your day and waiting for that sync to update the data in the database. The Dashboard’s are another great feature of Canvasser SOS. Being able to quickly view the campaign numbers is valuable for everyone. Thanks John!

5/5 Stars- Luis Gomez – Canvasser SOS, Organizing and more!
John (Canvasser SOS Developer) has been very instrumental in getting us up and running with the SOS Canvasser database. He has been able to take the projects and vision of our particular joint board and help us develop a database that is right for us. With the hands on approach and the step by step explanation to how to customize the database one quickly becomes familiar with the SOS system and can begin engaging with the database work in a very different way than being completely dependent on a developer.
As for the SOS system itself it has been great to see such a user friendly system like salesforce be transformed to a top notch organizing tool. The team really loves the mobile app component and Johns help to customize it for what we need is a major plus.

All in all if there is a vision for how you want your database to function for your organizing projects that includes data thats reported as it happens, mobile access and easy report running features the folks at Canvasser SOS will help make it happen and will provide you the tools to learning the system inside and out.

5/5 Stars- David Gormley – “With John’s Expertise, Canvasser is a Huge Improvement over the Legacy Software we used to Employ.”
John (Canvasser SOS Developer), from the initial install of Canvasser to the present, remains to be committed to helping us produce the best possible product for our Organizers out in the field, as well as for the Database Team charged with maintaining the valuable data for each of their Campaigns. In addition, John remains 100% available with 24/7 support as we perfect our Web Browser & Mobile Apps, of which John initially developed our data-entry Layouts, Reports, Views and Dashboards for the first Campaign we added to Canvasser. Following his expert training, we are able to successfully repeat his efforts in creating multiple Campaign objects for each of the remaining Campaigns; however, John remains instrumental in perfecting the additional objects that we create or modify. John’s constant scanning of our “Chats” allows him to follow our progress and to stay ahead of any potential problem; being proactive vs. reactive. John holds weekly, or as needed, Web Chats via Join-Me. This enables John to continually visually train us on new or changing features, improved processes, or enhancements that he and the rest of his development team, create/modify. This, also, allows us to take over the demo and demonstrate our progress and abilities, thereby speeding up the learning curve with this hands-on visual training tool.
The Canvasser software makes it easy to add/delete/modify fields, views, reports, dashboards, etc. As administrators of our application, we have tools available to sign-in as any particular user in order to assure that those users will be viewing everything the way they are meant to view it. Having multiple on-going Campaigns with different needs and data to track, Canvasser allows customized Layouts, Reports, Views and Dashboards to be created for each Campaign as needed instead of the “cookie-cutter” approach. These newly implemented objects are available to the users immediately; never having to wait to be up-loaded overnight or refreshed.

5/5 Stars- Jarrod Skelton – Great System with a lot of flexibility
It has been been great using the Salesforce system and working with Jon and his team. The system allows us the flexibility to customize our reports, charts, and data to fit our ever changing needs. The ability to input things on-the-go from a cellular device gives us have real time data that is extremely helpful when out in the field! Thanks for a great system!

—Melissa Munio, Chief of Staff Teamsters Local 2010

 “Tracking and communicating with a statewide membership can be challenging. In partnering with SOS we now have comprehensive real-life member data right at our finger tips. Union reps and organizers can login remotely using smart phones to turf, task, record, and update member activity. With each phase we continue to build. As we prepare for negotiations with the University, SOS is helping us to strengthen our membership.

—Peter Finn, Secretary-Treasurer, Teamsters Local 856

 “We hired SOS to make Salesforce speak our language and solve our every day problems. We now have a great way to ID leaders, track all of our member communications, prepare our members for negotiations, organize, track grievances, and find important documents fast. And on top of that most of this is available on our phones! We can’t wait to launch union wide.  We are calling it our very own “UnionForce”.