SOS Ready to Help Unions Solve their Technology Blues

September 12, 2013 (San Francisco, CA) Strategic Organizing Systems (SOS) announced today its launch of customized Salesforce solutions focused on labor unions and other progressive organizations.  Founded by the creator of the Organizers Toolbox, John Sladkus, SOS will help unions manage their work so they can build a more active and informed membership.

“The Organizers Toolbox set out to solve the problem for managing new organizing.” states John Sladkus, SOS founder.  “Now we will create tools for local unions where workers are informed, active and proud to call themselves union members.”

SOS has chosen the Salesforce platform to deliver these solutions to unions.  “When looking at Saleforce, I realized something immediately. Corporate America has spent millions of dollars refining a tool for selling.  Couldn’t unions take advantage of this innovation and make it ours?   I realized that unions no longer need to build tools from scratch or live in it’s own technology silo.”

To learn how SOS can help your union, fill out this form or call us at 510.900.9SOS.